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The Colorado Issues Web--purpose and call for support:            a message from the founder, Ed Sadowski

I’ve recently started an independent, nonpartisan local issues non-profit entity. Its purpose is to focus on local and state issues in Colorado through research, education, and publishing. The overarching purpose is to inform, motivate, and empower people about local issues, to boost civic and political engagement and to facilitate and strengthen meaningful connections of citizens to community, effecting a positive difference in the lives of residents and communities.

I’ve formed the shell and beginnings of these functions as the Colorado Issues Institute, the Colorado Issues Research Center, the Colorado Issues Digest, and the Colorado Issues Journal, each with their own websites and a unifying Colorado Issues Web portal.

It’s obviously an ambitious concept that cannot be fully realized by one person alone—I’ve created the framework and partial, inaugural content, but will need much help in the form of volunteer work and financial support from those who share my vision.

Bio of Ed Sadowski: >>>